We see appointments Monday through Friday at our locations in Portland & Vancouver, WA.

New patient evaluations generally last for 1-2 hours and include an echocardiogram - a specialized non-invasive cardiac ultrasound.  Recheck appointments usually last 30 minutes to an hour.  Dr. Rausch will discuss the findings with you, make a plan and answer any questions you may have.  He will also share all of the findings and plan with your primary veterinarian.

You are welcome to wait at the hospital and read a book or use the wifi during the appointment.  Feel free also to run errands or go to work as needed.  If  you need to leave your dog or cat with us for the whole day while you work, this is not a problem.  We will make sure that they are comfortable.

To schedule an appointment, just call us at (503) 869-1136.